Winter Prep – Ice & Water Shield


Like any other season, winter brings its own to-do’s. Holiday preparations are one thing, but add in colder, wetter temperatures and things really start to pile up. If you are a homeowner, you understand how much of an impact the season can have on you not just from a chore perspective, but also from a financial standpoint too. From your energy bill for your home to the cost to winterize your pool or garden, every little bit adds up.


Time and time again, we have covered the importance of roof maintenance, and we will continue to do so. You know why? Because that’s our job. This week, we will cover how important ice and water shield is for your roof, your property and your wallet.


In our territory in Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico & Louisiana, winters are majorly different than they are in the northern states. Snow isn’t as much of a threat, but is always an outlier. Unlike more northern regions, the southern states worry more about the “unpretty” freezing weather elements like black ice and sleet. Both can cause severe damage to your home and roof, just like snow, but ice and water shield can help protect against all winter threats.


Ice and Water Shield is a waterproof, oil product that goes underneath valley section shingles to prevent substantial water damage due to weather or climate conditions. It simply acts as an additional layer between the roof deck and shingles. During the winter months, cold rain and snow can penetrate through shingles and seep directly into your home leading to severe decay and immediate wear and tear on the external and internal sections of your home. Slight leaks can form, which can lead to major updates that are needed to fix your roof structure and also the walls and ceilings inside.


In the south, ice and water shield is installed specifically in the valley areas, preventing these gathering spaces from allowing the funneled moisture to infiltrate and harm the top surface. Though it can be used across all portions of the roof, it makes more sense to save the money to only add the shield to the more popular areas where the precipitation and moisture are more likely to collect.


Ice and Water Shield prevents unplanned repairs and roof replacements from happening, and could be a financial saver in the long run. It is worth the extra money to install on your roof and to act as a protective blanket to your roof deck and your home, especially during the unknown winter weather months. Most roofing companies will charge an arm and a leg to make any repairs during the winter months, and with the unpredictable weather changes that come with the winter season, it makes it even harder for the necessary repairs to be made in a timely manner. Save the time and money with costly winter repairs by installing ice and water shield on your home!

Before booking your next roofing job, be sure to talk with each roofing company you’re considering and get their feedback and advice on what precautions and extra measures, like ice and water shield, need to be taken for your home or business. No roof is the same, so trust a company who has experience under their belt like Absolute Roof Restoration!

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