Z Ridge Shingles

No matter the job, everyone knows that quality work starts with attention to the details. In roofing, one of the finer parts of the process are hip and ridge shingles.

Hip and ridge points are places on a roof where two different slopes meet, forming either a valley or mountain range look, based on the slope of the intersecting points. The shingles used in these areas provide additional relief to the run off angles on your roof and can act as an additional protector to your home.

An important factor of your roof is deciding which types of shingles should be used for your hip and ridge areas to provide the additionally-needed support. Right now, there is no better choice than Z Ridge. Z Ridge Shingles have been gaining popularity steadily the last decade, and thanks to the material and technological advancements in today’s market, there isn’t a better option available.

Z Ridge Shingles are known for their high quality protection, but at a very reasonable price. Due to the fact that a majority of roofs don’t have a significant amount of hips and ridges to cover, most homeowners and businesses are happy to invest in the best option available for their protection. Unlike the traditional method of using 3 Tab Shingles, Z Ridge Shingles can be used to add to the overall look of your home from a style standpoint, with options in various texture and color options available. If you want to have the best roof, you need to go with the best available options, and that is both with your material and company choices.

Before booking your next roofing job, be sure to talk with each roofing company you’re considering and get their feedback and advice on what precautions and extra measures need to be taken for your home or business. No roof is the same, so trust a company who has experience under their belt like Absolute Roof Restoration!

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