Integrity, Experience & Customer Service: The Absolute Roof Restoration Way

From our founding moment, Absolute Roof Restoration has set out to offer its clients high quality care with unrivaled service. To our company, good customer service and work isn’t just an option; it is one of the principles that we instill in each of our employees. From reading our Thursday Tips since the start of April, it is no secret that we value our customers, but what helps set Absolute roof apart from other roofing companies? We always say our three core beliefs; integrity, customer service and dependability. 

Integrity is something that is not found in as many people as it once was, nowadays. When people think of manual labor, construction or renovation, you probably picture your stereotypical lazy, unkept salesperson. At Absolute Roof Restoration, we always guarantee to fight to give you the best price that we can offer, and if we don’t, we can tell you what we can do to help you get there. With so many different factors and variables to consider and in a market that most people are not very familiar with, we try our best to not be salesmen to potential clients, but to help them make the best decision for the well-being of their property and their checkbook.

High quality customer service isn’t something that our co-owners and founders aren’t familiar with. Both Larry Latimer & Art Garcia have successful backgrounds in a wide array of businesses, ranging from commercial real estate to franchise ownership.  With over a combined 50 years of professional work experience between the two, they are well-equipped and experienced to help provide the best possible service and quality of work from the introductory meeting to the final job approval. Each employee is taught the same characteristics and fundamental beliefs so that they can provide the same experience to our customers.

Last but not least, our dependability is unmatched. We have completed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of jobs in our company’s history, in areas in North, East, West and South Texas, the Houston and Dallas Metroplexes, Louisiana and New Mexico. Every region will tell you the same thing; for our cost, there isn’t a better option around. We thrive on providing the highest degree of excellence to our customer, and teach our employees to focus on the small details that help create an exceptional end result.  

Before booking your next roofing job, be sure to talk with each roofing company you’re considering and get their feedback and advice on what precautions and extra measures need to be taken for your home or business. No roof is the same, so trust a company who has experience under their belt like Absolute Roof Restoration! 

    Interested in our services? Contact Larry Latimer at (903)477-6138 or Arturo Garcia at (903)879-2039 for a free estimate.