General Liability Insurance & Worker’s Comp: Why It’s Important To Have Both



When you’re considering roofers, it’s important to consider all factors. Everyone always thinks about price, schedule, crew size, materials and quality of work, but most people forget to consider the roofing company’s coverages.


Almost every small company has general liability insurance. General liability insurance protects companies from high-cost liabilities like customers who are hurt on the job, legal fees due to copyright infringement, slander or overall property damage. Though it is not required by law, almost every small company has some form of general liability insurance. When considering your options for any type of job or task, always check to see if the company has general liability insurance. It is a sure sign that if an incident or accident does occur, they are financially secure enough to be able to compensate for damages.


General Liability Insurance Quick Points


  • Covers Property Damage
  • Covers Legal Fees
  • Covers Medical Fees & Expenses For Non-Employees
  • Doesn’t Cover Injuries to Company Employees

Whether you know it or not, every time someone steps on your property, you are at risk for compensation. If someone has an accident or even a fatal injury while working, you, your family or your business could be targeted by the injured party for compensation. That’s where worker’s compensation insurance comes into play.


If the company that is doing the work on your property has worker’s compensation, then the company themselves will cover all medical bills and expenses of the injured employee. If not, the owner of the property where the injury occurred can be held legally responsible and sued by the injured individual/party.


Worker’s Compensation Quick Points


  • Regulated at the State-Level
  • Not Legally Required In Certain States, Including Texas
  • Only Covers Company-Hired Employees
  • Doesn’t Cover Property Damages
  • Doesn’t Cover Legal Fees

Though both are only slightly different, it is extremely important that a company has both worker’s comp and general liability insurance.  If a company has both coverages, all injuries or any property damage overall are protected.

When you are considering a roofing company for your next job, always check their company insurance and coverage plans. It may be worth it to pay slightly more to ensure you’re getting quality services from a quality company.


Absolute Roof Restoration offers worker’s compensation to all of its employees and also has general liability insurance that covers damages and fees up to a $1 Million.


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